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The Appraisal Code For Real Estate Agents

A No-Nonsense, ALL-IN-ONE System Top Agents Are Using To Get To Closing Without A Hassle When There's An Appraisal Involved...

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“Amazing Content! Whether you are an experienced real estate professional or new to the industry, this course is critical to understand how to get your deal over the finish line. This will help you get your deals done more efficiently and reduce confusion and frustrations that can happen with an appraiser. I highly recommend taking this course, you won’t regret it!”

Parker Little 

Marketwise Valuation Services 

This was an awesome course and so helpful. Thanks for the opportunity. I loved the great insights about talking to the appraiser, when is the right time to talk to them, what to say, what not say that could sound insulting and when to offer your comps or additional information about the property that may not be available. Some things that are better left unsaid that could leave a negative impression was a huge take away. I really enjoyed it!

Lori Bergman

Coldwell Banker Realty

Phil has the remarkable ability to quickly connect with others and maintained engagement throughout this presentation. Phil speaks form his extensive experience in the business, so every topic was accompanied by an interesting personal anecdote. All of our attendees stated that they found immense value in the presentation and would happily come to another event. Thank you for joining us; it was a pleasure. 

Phedner Louis-Jean

Fidelity Mortgage, Inc.

“Phil was extremely knowledgeable and gave terrific insight into not just the Appraisal side of Real Estate transactions, but the industry as a whole. He’s captivating, genuine, and someone I’d recommend listening to, whether you’re involved in Real Estate or not. My coworkers and I are very glad we were able to attend one of Phil’s seminars!”

Bradley Blizzard

Fidelity Mortgage, Inc.
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